Friday, September 5, 2014

Exciting stuff!

It's been a busy few weeks, which is really cool. Other than finishing up my second album for Positivo Music, I've teamed up with the wonderful people at EpicMusicVn - which is really cool and crazy exciting!

EpicMusicVn has already posted my track "Let it Go" and hopefully more tracks will pop up there shortly :) "Let it Go" has also been posted on ThePrimeCronus (with 175 000+ subscribers!!??!)

My Facebook page is also up and running. Please head over there and give me a like :) And my YouTube channel are slowly getting some more subscribers. I'm working on a small album (EP), that I will release - for free - once I reach 100 subscribers :) Here's the subscription link:

And finally, a couple of newly released tracks. Enjoy :)

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